Damaged Windscreen?

If your Vehicle’s windscreen has suffered damage due to an accident or has become worn and causes excessive glare with age, it is crucial to request a genuine replacement windscreen. Unsure about the process? We simplify it into four simple steps outlined below.

  • Reach out to your insurance company and file a claim, ensuring to obtain a claim number.
  • Get in touch with us, providing the aforementioned information.
  • We will coordinate with the insurance company to arrange a new, genuine Manufacturer windscreen.
  • Once we have received authorisation from the insurance company, we will schedule a convenient time to replace the windscreen with you.

It's a common occurrence.

Experiencing a chip in your windshield is a situation we can all relate to. Our windscreen center is dedicated to ensuring your prompt and secure return to the road. With our skilled and knowledgeable team specialising in automotive glass, we are ready to assist you. Whether you have a minor chip or a more substantial crack, we have the expertise to repair, replace, and install new windshield glass in your vehicle, allowing you to effortlessly resume your journey.

It extends beyond mere visibility.

Your vehicle's windscreens serves a purpose beyond being a barrier against the elements. Its intricate composition can suffer significant impacts from stone chips or minor scratches. Even fine scratches caused by dust, sand, or ice scrapers can scatter sunlight or light from oncoming vehicles, leading to hazardous glare for the driver. Even if there are no visible cracks, windscreens have a limited lifespan and should be regularly replaced to uphold optimal safety standards.

It's tailored to fit your vehicle.

A genuine windscreen is manufactured to precise manufacturer specifications, incorporating all the necessary elements to maintain its stabilising effect on the vehicle's structure.

Furthermore, it guarantees the complete restoration of the vehicle's original operating and functional safety during repairs, ensuring optimal compatibility with advanced features such as driver assistance systems like rain sensors or lane assist.

It prioritises your well-being and security.

Genuine windscreens offer valuable shielding against harmful UV rays, while their insulation properties contribute to a cooler interior and minimise noise, resulting in a more serene journey for both you and your passengers.

The sturdy safety glass employed in genuine windscreens plays a crucial role in supporting the proper deployment of airbags during an accident. When activated, the front passenger airbag relies on the inner side of the windshield for reinforcement, necessitating its ability to withstand considerable force.

Have you got Insurance?

We've got you covered! If you have comprehensive insurance coverage, we can assist you with the claim process, simplifying the replacement procedure. We will handle the necessary communication with your insurance provider to facilitate the repairs.

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