Subaru Service Plan

The Subaru 3 Year Service Plan ensures your vehicle continues to perform at its best. You can rest assured that your vehicle will always be serviced using genuine Subaru parts and materials. Resale value will be optimised and you get 24 hour roadside assistance included*. Your Subaru will always be serviced by trained Subaru technicians using only genuine Subaru parts and materials.


When you purchase a Subaru 3 Year Service Plan with a NZ new 2021 Subaru vehicle purchased on or after 01.01.2021, the three year or 45,000 km (whichever comes first) Subaru Service Plan covers labour, parts and materials, including filters, oils and lubricants that are required to service your Subaru, as per the schedule located in your Warranty and Service Booklet, for the first three scheduled services. All servicing must be carried out by an Authorised Subaru Centre. This includes Authorised Subaru SubLab Service Centres and Authorised Subaru Parts and Service Centres. Warrant of Fitness checks and registration costs are excluded, as well as maintenance items such as tyres, brake pads, wiper blades, bulbs and general wear and tear items. The list of exclusions can be found in the Warranty and service booklet and on: subaru.co.nz/warranty, or you can talk to your nearest Authorised Subaru Centre. Your nearest Authorised Subaru Centre can be found on: subaru.co.nz/dealer


At Subaru our goal is to give all our drivers confidence. That’s why we offer a Six Star 6 Year Warranty* that gives your vehicle an additional 3 years of engine and drivetrain warranty when you purchase a 3 Year Subaru Service Plan and stick with Authorised Subaru Centres for servicing throughout the warranty and additional 3 year extension periods*. It’s another way our Subaru team are behind you wherever you go.

There are some simple requirements to maintain validation of the extended warranty which are detailed below, along with Subaru Service Plan terms and conditions*.


Your Subaru 3 Year Service Plan also comes with Subaru’s 24 Hour Roadside Assist. Phone 0800 42 42 32 and quote your registration number. The New Zealand Automobile Association Inc. (The AA) is the service provider to Subaru Roadside Assist. Every time we attend a breakdown, we want to get you going again and we do this in 90% of our breakdowns 24 hours a day, 365 days year. When we can’t get you going, we will promptly organise for the vehicle to be transported to the nearest Subaru Authorised Repairer. The number of breakdown callouts offered each year is unlimited but is subject to qualifying criteria being met. Your vehicle will need a current valid WOF and registration. Roadside Assistance is valid for three years from the first date of registration.

Contact us for full terms and conditions and more information about 24-hour roadside assist

*Subaru Service Plan with Six Star 6 Year Warranty – Terms and Conditions:

*Only valid on a New Zealand new Subaru when a $999 Subaru 3 year Service Plan is purchased from an Authorised Subaru Centre. This Subaru Service Plan offer only applies to vehicles of model year 2021, sold on or after 01.01.2021 when a Subaru Service plan is purchased. The purchasing of this Subaru Service Plan is only available up to 6 weeks from the first date of registration, and only available on New Zealand new vehicles, imported and sold by Subaru of New Zealand. All New Zealand new Subaru vehicles have a 3 year or 100,000km Manufacturer’s warranty. The purchase of a Subaru Service Plan will provide the opportunity to qualify for an extended 3 year warranty period, after the end of the standard 3 year Manufacturer’s Warranty expires for parts that fail with a manufacturing defect. The additional three-year warranty period covers engine components and drivetrain up to a maximum of 6 years/100,000km (whichever comes first) from the date of first registration and is only applicable where all validation criteria is met. It does not cover fair wear and tear and items detailed in the warranty and service book page 7, 8 and 9.

While the offer of an extended 3 year warranty is given upon the purchase of the Subaru service plan for a 2021 model year vehicle purchased on or after 01.01.2021, there are requirements that need to be met to maintain validity, these are:

  • Completion of End of Warranty inspection before the manufacturer’s warranty expires (more details can be found within the Subaru Warranty and Service booklet).
  • All scheduled servicing must be followed and completed by an Authorised Subaru Centre and within a time frame not exceeding 2,500km/4 weeks from the scheduled service required. The scheduled servicing is at every 15,000km or every 12 months (whichever comes first).


Q: What is covered under the extended engine component and drivetrain warranty?

A: The engine components, internal transmission components, differentials, prop shaft and drive shafts, that fail due to a manufacturing defect. Any part of the vehicle not classified as drivetrain or listed above, is not part of the extended warranty offer.

Q: If I sell my vehicle with a service plan, does it stay with the vehicle or the first owner?

A: The 3 year service plan remains with the vehicle regardless of ownership.

Q: If I sell my vehicle with a valid extended warranty, does it stay with the vehicle?

A: Providing the terms and conditions of the extended warranty have been and continue to be met, the remaining warranty will remain valid and with the vehicle.

Q: What is the standard Manufacturer’s Warranty?

A: 3 years/100,000km whichever comes first (full details can be found in your Warranty and Service booklet).

Q: What is the extended Subaru Warranty?

A: The extended Subaru warranty starts from the expiry date of the manufacturer’s warranty and can remain valid until the 6th year of the vehicle’s anniversary from the date of first registration (warranty cover is limited and valid as long as the terms and conditions are met).

Your statuary rights to request a full refund and the return of service plan is valid for 30 days from the date of purchase (any return and refund will also remove all other offers which are part of the Subaru Service Plan). Please read through all the related documents to fully understand the terms and conditions, including the extended warranty validation conditions. If you need any further information or have questions regarding any part of the Subaru Service Plan, please contact your local Authorised Subaru Centre.

Q: What if I purchased my vehicle prior to 01.01.2021?

A; If you have a Subaru vehicle that you purchased with a service plan prior to 01.01.2021 (e.g. before 31.12.2020), then your vehicle is not eligible for the Subaru Six Year 6 Star Warranty and the details for your vehicle's service plan can be found below along with Terms and Conditions.

Subaru Service Plans – for vehicles purchased up until 31.12.2020**.

If you purchased your New Zealand new Subaru vehicle on or before 31.12.2020 with a Subaru Service Plan, or have a model year 2020 vehicle purchased or registered in 2021, you can find all details about what is covered in the below downloadable brochure. All vehicles detailed above have a scheduled servicing period of 12,500km.

**Subaru Service Plans for vehicles purchase up util 31.12.2020 Terms and Conditions:

Subaru Scheduled 3 Year Service Plan includes labour, parts and materials required to service the vehicle as per the manufacturer's schedule located in the Warranty and Service Booklet. The Subaru Scheduled 3 Year Service Plan is valid for 3 years OR 50,000km, from the date of vehicle's first registration, whichever comes first. The Subaru 3 Year Service Plan and Subaru 24-hour roadside assist is non-refundable and remains with the vehicle for the remainder of its Service Plan Life. The Subaru Scheduled Service Plan does not include Warrant of Fitness or items that are subject to wear and tear. Additional items and associated labour cost outside of the recommended schedule (e.g. more frequent air filter changes due to dusty environment, SLT fluid change due to driving conditions, W.O.F., brake pad replacement etc.) are not covered and a charge may be made by the servicing dealer. Offer excludes Government, rental, fleet purchases and all leases. Offer only available up to the first 12,500km scheduled service.